Sea trials of hydrogen production by direct electrolysis of offshore wind power without desalting seawater were successful

Every AI express, according to China Dongfang Electric Group Co., LTD., on June 2, the expert group of the Chinese Academy of Engineering confirmed that, The world's first offshore wind power non-desalinated seawater in-situ direct electrolysis hydrogen production technology, jointly conducted by China Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd. and the team of Academician Xie Heping from Shenzhen University/Sichuan University, has achieved success in the offshore wind farm of Xinghua Bay, Fujian Province. It is known that the results of in situ direct electrolysis hydrogen production technology without desalination of seawater were published by academician Xie Heping's team in the journal Nature on November 30, 2022, which was rated as one of the top ten scientific advances in China in 2022. On December 16, 2022, Dongfang Electric Group signed an agreement with the Xie Heping Academician team of Shenzhen University/Sichuan University to formally carry out the joint innovation of this technology, and Dongfang Electric Group is responsible for the transformation and industrialization of the results. (National Business Daily)

National Business Daily