Company Profile

King E Vacuum Thin Film Materials Co., Ltd.

King E Vacuum thin Film Materials is committed to research and development, production, sales and recycling of high-purity and high-quality materials for all types of thin film applications, include sputtering targets, evaporation materials. The product line includes targets, ingot, particles and powders made of high purity metals, alloys, precious metals and ceramic materials, widely used in the fields such as display, photovoltaic, semiconductor, precision optics, data storage, glass and decoration etc. 

King E VTFM has a professional technical research and development support team with an international perspective, collaborating with many well-known universities and research institutes in China to improve product performance. Thanks to our industry experts and extensive manufacturing capabilities, we are able to meet today's unique material requirements and help our customer’s develop new products for tomorrow.

King E VTFM ’s product quality is stable, widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers, highly competitive in the international market.

Our Vision

Materials make the world a better place.

Our Mission

1) Provides not only high-quality products, but also professional services

2)Satisfy our customers 

3)Promote human progress

Our Core Values

Equality for all, open communication, efficient collaboration, security, innovation and inclusiveness